Emmaus Hull Christmas Appeal

Emmaus Hull is a homeless charity providing accommodation for 30 formerly homeless individuals and provide them with a meaningful use of time by encouraging them to work in a range of social enterprises.

Christmas is a difficult time of year for many formerly homeless people. Many will spend it at Emmaus. The staff team would like to make this Christmas as special as possible for the residents by providing delicious food, spending quality time, and ensuring each wake up to some lovely treats. Whilst they understand that Christmas is not just about the presents, this is the part they need help with the most.

Emmaus are looking for the following items to create gift bags and would be grateful if you were able to contribute to any part of this, or if you could contribute in another way. The list is as follows:

  • 30 sets of pyjamas
  • 30 sets of slippers
  • 30 selection boxes
  • 30 bottles of aftershave
  • 30 deodorants
  • 30 razors
  • 30 shaving gel
  • 30 pairs of underwear
  • 30 hats
  • 30 gloves
  • 30 diaries
  • 30 pen sets
  • 30 alarm clocks
  • 30 calendars
  • 30 tubes of Pringles
  • 30 packets of nuts
  • 30 chocolate bars
  • Turkeys for Christmas Day
  • 30 soaps

There is no expectation to complete the entire amount on the list, anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.

In addition to those, the Rough Sleeper team will also be distributing turkey/stuffing sandwiches to those on the streets and ensuring as many Rough Sleepers are safe and in accommodation where possible. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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