Fundraising Regulator outlines new complaints report approach

The Fundraising Regulator has today announced a revised approach to its complaints report, which will see the Regulator adopt a new, more qualitative method in 2019/20.

In October of this year, the Fundraising Regulator published a  report on complaints received by charities about fundraising in 2016. The Regulator received submissions from nearly 900 charities of different sizes, demonstrating a willingness across the sector to work with the Regulator.

Going forward, to build on this important and widespread engagement from the sector; explore specific areas in greater detail; and improve the sector’s understanding of the volume and nature of the complaints received about fundraising, it has been decided to review the content and purpose of the report. This will result in a new version of the report which will be published in the summer of 2020 and cover the financial year 2019/20, with shorter annual reports in the meantime.

This two years ‘pause’ will allow the Regulator to undertake a thorough review of the purpose and content of the report, in consultation with the sector, allowing the foundations to be built for a far more meaningful and qualitatively impactful report covering 2019/20  The pause will also allow charities to introduce any changes to the data they currently collect about complaints about fundraising in time for the 2019-/20 report.

During this period, the Regulator will continue to monitor and analyse complaints data, but on a smaller scale – producing shorter, interim reports covering 2017-18 and 2018-19. The data will be collected from around 60 charities who spend the most on fundraising.

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