Humber, Coast and Vale achieves national target for dementia diagnosis

From the Humber Coast And Vale STP

Across Humber, Coast and Vale the National Ambition for dementia diagnosis rates has now been achieved. This means that more people who have dementia in our area are receiving a formal diagnosis, enabling them to access advice and support more easily and at an earlier stage.

Throughout 2017 the CCG’s continued to work hard to improve their Dementia Diagnosis Rates and collectively are now at 66.9% (against the national target of (66.7%). The collective efforts means that all 3 STP’s in Yorkshire and the Humber are now exceeding the National Ambition.

Not everyone with dementia has a formal diagnosis. The “Dementia 65+ estimated diagnosis rate indicator” compares the number of people thought to have dementia in a given area with the number of people diagnosed with dementia, aged 65 and over. The target is for at least two thirds (66.7%) of people with dementia to be diagnosed.

Evidence shows that an early diagnosis can enable someone with dementia to live independently in their own home for longer. This helps to avoid early or unnecessary hospital or care home admissions, which ultimately enhances that person’s quality of life and that of their carer

  • Patients receive the correct treatment for their symptoms. If a patient is diagnosed with dementia then early treatment can be more effective
  • Patients and carers can get hold of the necessary relevant help and advice, be confident in planning for the future and empowered to get appropriate financial benefits and entitlements such as disability living allowance and council tax reduction
  • Patients and carers can receive the support they need e.g. from social services, day centres, respite care, community mental health teams, occupational therapists, carer support groups and the Alzheimer’s Society

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