Suicides in the UK: 2016 registrations

This statistical bulletin from the Office for national Statistics (ONS) covers registered deaths in the UK from suicide analysed by sex, age, area of usual residence of the deceased and suicide method.

The main findings are

  • In the UK, there were 3.6% fewer suicides registered in 2016 than in 2015; this equates to 5,965 in 2016, a decrease from 6,188 deaths in 2015.
  • Around three-quarters of all suicides in 2016 in the UK were male.
  • Compared with registration year 2015, the English rate has fallen a significant amount, the Welsh and Northern Ireland rates have both fallen slightly, and the Scottish rate has risen a small amount.
  • For deaths registered in 2016 in the UK, persons aged 40 to 44 years had the highest age-specific suicide rate at 15.3 per 100,000; this age group also had the highest rate among males at 24.1 per 100,000; the age group with the highest rate for females was 50 to 54 years, at 8.3 per 100,000.
  • The most common suicide method in the UK in 2016 was hanging.

For more information go to the ONS website

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