Women In Engineering Course

There are many different types of engineers, which mean that there are a wide range of different engineering jobs and qualifications out there. How do you know which one might be right for you?

This free course will introduce you to all the basic skills of engineering, and help you to make a plan to get into business, employment or education in your chosen field.

The 6-week programme starting in June, offers unemployed women an introduction to the world of engineering, and uses aquaponics to teach engineering principles.

Aquaponics is a method of producing food that is well suited to the urban environment. It produces fish and vegetables without needing soil, or even much space. Instead, circulating water carries nutrients from fish waste to the roots of plants, helping them grow. Bameen use aquaponics because all the course tutors are experienced in building and maintaining aquaponic systems, and because most of what you will learn about aquaponic engineering can be applied to many other types of work. You will learn a range of transferable skills that can be applied to many different tasks. Aquaponics is a growing industry, but there are very few people with the skills to build commercially viable systems.

You can be one of those starting a business in aquaponics. You don’t have to be interested in aquaponics as a career though –  this course will introduce you to all the basic skills of starting your own business in urban aquaponics.

Bameen will build a 3D printer and use it to print components for an urban food production system. Please contact Dawda on 07582567052 or through their  website www.bameen.org.uk and fill in the contact form.

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