Youth Policy Survey

The Devan Group have been approached by the government to be young representatives. They have been asked to represent young people and make sure that they have a say in the new youth policy statement.

The youth policy statement is a document that the government is creating, which will describe why they feel it is important that you have an opportunity to be involved in positive activities and have a say. It will also explain what the government and other organisations can do to offer you some better quality opportunities.

They want to find out about your experiences of youth services and other activities that you have taken part in, so that you can shape the youth policy statement.

If you are happy to take part the Group will pass your comments on to the youth policy team so that they can see what you think. You can choose if you would like to be identified or not. You can tell them as much or as little as you like. Your answers will be used in the youth policy statement and may also be used for other documents such as guidance booklets. They will not pass any information on to anyone else other than the youth policy team.

For more information and to take part click here

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